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Housing Guide

All the comfort of the house, as well as internal and external cleanliness and order, please follow the instructions on the following general housing. A number of companies have a house house-specific housing guidelines which can be found in the housing company website


Laundry room and drying room

If the house has a laundry room, there are more detailed instructions. Drying for a room in the basement and the attic of the house as well as outdoor clothesline. Drain the wet laundry in the laundry room. In the cellar, the notice shall include a reserve list. Each resident can reach the apartment key to the laundry room and drying facilities. Remember to bring dry clothes off no later than two days after. Laundry variable usage billing is done separately for approx. Every three months. Laundry and drying room in a variable the user must clean up after using the facilities.


If there is a common sauna for the house people, sauna shift list is most probably on a bulletin board next to the door. Interactive wishes to the maintenance man or to the building manager. Sauna Payments will be made on a monthly basis of the consideration paid. Sauna Payment must be made even if the shift should not be used either, if the shift is booked. Everyday Saints do not usually move the sauna turns. Apartment complex sauna is intended only for residents use.

Attic Cabinet

Keep in attic cabinet only necessary goods. Empty the closet extra cardboard boxes and other easily flammable goods. Take care of the general cleanliness of the closet.


Cellar could be refrigerated. If the house has one, store the products there like food, no for example car tires!

Electricity Switchboard

The Location of the electricity switchboard should be clarified for every resident of the house, in a case of fire hazards for instance.

Heat distribution room and the main water shut-off valve

Heat distribution room is typically located in the basement, and the main water shut-off is normally there. Location should be clarified for every resident of the house, in a case of leaks for instance.

Air-raid Shelter

The house could have a air-raid shelter, which is typically located in the cellar of the building.


Should be kept reserved for them in racks outside or cycle shred. Skis, etc. products should be stored in their own attic cabinets.

Electrical Outlets for Cars

there are clocks in outlets, which may be adjusted so that the motors could be warmed at a specific time. A service company can help you with using the clocks.

Car Heating

The cables must be rubber cables. Cracked or worn cables are not allowed to be used, not even extension cords. Cables must not be left to hang when leaving the post. Car Heating Points cables are sized for car engine heaters. Fuses cannot withstand the internal heaters in every house, check this from the house manager.


Parking in the yard is only permitted if a parking space is booked.

Security locks and other additional locks

Additional Locks are included in every apartment manager of their own. Service Company has a spare key, if the resident has delivered it. Do not lock yourself inside, use the security lock only after leaving the apartment.

Main Doors

Make sure the main door as you walk, that they are closed and locked at night, during the winter there is a hazard that the lower level radiators could freeze.

Door mats

In the stairwell you should not have a door mat. Carpets may be slippery, especially during the night. The owner of the mat will be responsible of possible accidents! They also make it difficult to keep clean in the stairwell.

Antenna or cable system

The housing has its own antenna or cable TV system. Set top box's or digiTV must be compatible to the system, modern equipment is compatible to the both.

Air Ventilation

The house has natural ventilation or house fan or roof fans or apartment per heat recovery equipment. The operating manual of each apartment is in the house folder.

House practises

Change of Address Notification

Forms are available from the service man or on a bulletin board. You can also fill a form on our web site. Everybody who is moving should make a notification to the house manager office or to the service company. Official change of address notification is made to the registration authority and / or the post office.

Longer-term absences of the apartment

If the apartment is empty for longer periods of time, eg. foreign travel, it is good to inform the board or the house manager.

Stair notice board

With change of address notification form you can indicate the name change. Service company takes care of the new nameplates.

Disorders and their treatment

Apartment complex will be guaranteed to all residents of a pleasant and trouble-free housing. Problems that cause, particularly night-time celebrations, the staircase, as well as the movement of the lift to use at night. Celebrate it is polite to inform in advance the bulletin board. In other respects, the apartment complex's Articles of Association, as well as the order of the house rules. Fault, residents and / or members requested to inform the property manager no later than the next morning, when the issue can be tackled fresh. Apartment complex acts relate to the interference cause of the Contact and / or a warning. At the same time we are also in connection with the shareholder. If the noise continues, the apartment complex actions in the areas then only the owner of the apartment. The Board shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting, if necessary, to decide to take the apartment in the apartment complex management, that is, from the shareholders for a fixed period, for example three years.


Residents must ensure that the pets mess up the house yard and children's playgrounds, and do not disturb the neighbours. Cats and dogs must be kept on a leash.

Waste sorting

Debris exported in rubbish bins. Renovation Waste, as well as migration arising in connection with the debris will each deliver the landfill. Do not leave them in your household trash. For an extra waste modifier billed. The problem for waste collectors have their own points. Debris will be accommodated in the waste containers. They must not exclude anything. Follow the instructions for sorting waste. Waste sorting

Dangerous goods storage

The apartments may be to maintain the normal home furniture in addition to: Note! apartment complex in the common areas, eg. cage warehouses these must not be stored at all!

Washing machines at home

Close the water taps after use to avoid the risk of water damage. Clean the lint filter at regular intervals. Dishwashing and washing machines outlet hoses should be checked in order to prevent hose failure due to water damage. Machines must not be left unattended on. Residents would be good to get a home insurance, which replaces the home contents insurance for example. Entered the water damage in connection with the damage, because the apartment complex property insurance will not cover movable property.

Payments to the housing company

Maintenance charges, water, sauna, parking space and rental payments must be made each month x. the date of the house on the bank account. Water Payment shall be made in accordance with the number of persons on a monthly basis. Water fee is charged for the books of the house to that person. Apartment-payments shall be adopted in the Annual General Meeting, and they can survive in question. minutes of the meeting and the property management office sending maksulapusta. At the same time patching will be paid on a monthly basis until a new payment slip sent. Please use reference number when paying up!

Repair Notifications and wishes

If you notice any deficiency and damage, report it immediately to the superintendent. Correction notice will also tell you whether a service technician to visit the master key in the apartment repaired, if the apartment is not to be home.

Leaking faucets, toilets, appliances and radiators

The apartment of leaky pipes and radiators etc. Shall immediately notify the superintendent. Otherwise, for any damages equivalent to the apartment owner.

The coils in the air

During the heating season the water to separate from the air, which accumulates mainly in the upper layers of the radiators. If the radiator make noise, it can be vented. Make sure that the air screw is properly installed. If necessary, the phrase to perform a service technician.

Radiator valve operation and the room temperature

Get a decent indoor thermometer. Install it on about 150 cm above the inner wall of the room. Room temperature control is automatic radiator. The valve sensor sniffs the air in the room and closes or opens the batteries as necessary. Functioning of the thermostat detects that the battery is in the range between cold and warm. The thermostat should be turned to the open position, which may be followed, if necessary, turn down if the apartment will be too much heat. Room temperature thermometer checked, not on whether the radiator is cold or warm. Suitable for indoor air temperature is 20.5 - to 22 °. If the thermostat is in front of the furniture, curtains, etc.., Temperature control does not work properly. For example. Curtains in front of the thermostat cause the radiator colder weather.

The apartment modifications carried out

Of all the repairs and alterations shall in good time before the start of work should contact the house manager. Bathroom renovation shall ensure that the floor and walls must be current in accordance with the provisions of waterproofing. The work done at the housing company shall draw the modification notice. Factors (designer, plumber, electrician, decorator, etc.) must be professionally qualified. All the renovation of waste from the landfill should be transported immediately at the expense of the shareholder, they are not allowed to put the apartment complex waste containers. Remodeling caused by contamination in the courtyard and the staircase will be the holder of the apartment cleaned / cleaned and pay. If you change jobs you need to disconnect the water supply to other dwellings, it is notified to the question. housing residents no later than the day before. Recommended water break in time is from 9.00 - 12.00, a break in the water to cause minimum inconvenience to the other residents.

The shareholder / residents in housing inspections and maintenance procedures

Floor Drains

Clean the floor drain hair and debris. Unrefined floor drain is a potential risk of water damage, and in these cases the liability is held!

Kitchen sink drain traps

Kitchen and bathroom sinks can not be poured down the food scraps and food preparation frying.

Toilet seats

The toilet seat is not allowed to put anything belong there, eg. Diapers or cat litter, in addition to blocking dangerous that are different from "toilet flowers" when they escape into the sewer.

Breather valve

Breather valves shall be visible and they should not be hidden behind cabinets. The valves should be cleaned from time to time.

Buying and Selling

Apartment Store will be the next state superintendent shall submit a copy of the bill of sale, transfer tax declaration, a receipt for payment of the transfer tax and the share transfer book marking. In addition, if the transaction is not mentioned in the book trade in the amount of trade in the context of fully paid, you also need a receipt for it. These papers came to the apartment building manager to mark the new owner's name.

Property Manager Certificate

Apartment owners may ask apartment the superintendent certificate Residential landlord tenant may request the apartments of the extract of the book the house the landlord. The certificate and the extract collected price list.


House Company incoming mail is delivered to the address, which is marked in the house shareholder information. If your address changes, please notify the new address of the property manager for example's via this website.

Smoke alarms and fire blanket

Smoke alarms are mandatory in apartments; one smoke alarm is required for every 60 m2 of Association towards. The alarm on the acquisition and maintenance of the apartment belongs to the holder. Check the alarm function from time to time, but at least once a year. Get a reserve battery. Fire blankets must be securely mounted to the wall, so that it would be in an emergency operating condition.

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