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Standing Instructions

Ordering Things to the Housing Cooperative

When you ordering things to the housing cooperative, it si important that you give as billing adsress the housing cooperative name. That is because ven we now 95 % of these non-named bills which housing cooperative they belongs, but there will be something left to investigate. And if the economic situation of the housing cooperative is poor, and the bill cannot be payed, a collection agency will act with us, not with the housing cooperative as they should.

Bills of gasoline of lawn mover etc.

We are taking bills on our opening hours, but is is not necessary to visit here just for one bill: It is much more easy when you just take a photo from the bill, and send it with you bank account number to e-mail address laskut (at), with PDF-format and then we can pay the bill to you. There is an application to the Android phones called Tiny Scanner, and you can easily make the picture files to PDF. Other apps which can handle this is among other things Adobe Scan.


Simone Lehikoinen is working with itc development during summer 2017.

Paying with bitcoins

You can pay our bill also with bitcoins. You can do that to our bitcoin address 16z8w7vhPmKwf7djt4UqKncTGUvHNvzHNt. Unfortunatelly our ERP is not yet supporting bitcoins, so please call/mail us if you have paid with bitcoins, so we know to tag the bill as payed manually.

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